User roles

Scribblar users can have a predefined role when set up on our system via the users.add or users.edit methods. Each role maps to certain default capabilities when that user enters a Scribblar room.

These roles are as follows.

Guest (Role 10)
No access to any tools including chat, audio or any other tools. The user has a kind of 'watch mode' until a Host grants permission by clicking the icons next to the user's name or upgrading their role

Guest (Role 20)
This role adds access to text chat.

Guest (Role 30)
Adds access to board and drawing tools but no access to destructive actions such as delete all, clear page or delete page. This role can however delete objects from the board.

Guest (Role 40)
Adds access to audio/video to guest role 30.

Moderator (Role 50)
Adds access to destructive actions such as delete all pages, clear page, delete page. Cannot promote/demote other users.

This role has access to all available features and it is the only role that can grant or deny access to other users during a session.