This function retrieves a list of all rooms and room details for the account.

string api_key (required) your api key
string roomid (required) the roomid of the room to fetch details for

Sample return XML
Returns the details for the room.

Result explanation
string roomname name for this room
string password the room password, if one was set
string roomid globally unique identifier for this room
string roomowner The userid of the user that owns the room
integer allowguests 1=guests are allowed
0=guests are not allowed
Guests are anonymous users which are prompted for a username before entering
integer promoteguests (optional) Default: 1.
If this is set to 1 and guests are allowed then guests to the room are automatically promoted to the role specified in promoterole (whch by default is Moderator 50)
1=autopromote enabled
0=autopromote disabled
integer promoterole (optional) Default: Moderator (50).
If promoteguests is enabled then this is the role that the guests will be promoted to. IF nothing is specified and promoteguests is enabled then guests are automatically promoted to Moderator (5). Possible values are
40=Paticipant (40)
30=Participant (30)
integer clearassets (optional) Default: 0.
Specifies if all the chat history and whiteboard contents should be cleared after a room times out. This happens a few minutes after the last user leaves a session. Uploaded assets will also be deleted at the same time.
1=assets and rooms contents are cleared after each session
0=assets and room contents persist
integer enablehistory Controls the chat history display in the room.
1=enabled, chat messages persist within the room
0=disabed, no chat messages are persistent in the room.
integer roomaudio Audio features enabled or disabled for this room.
1=audio enabled
0=audio disabled
integer roomvideo Video features enabled or disabled for this room.
1=video enabled
0=video disabled
integer roomchat Text chat feature enabled or disabled for this room.
1=text chat enabled
0=text chat disabled
integer roomwolfram Provides Wolfram Alpha UI in the room if this feature is enabled on account level.
1=Wolfram Alpha enabled
0=Wolfram Alpha disabled
integer hideheader Allows you to hide the entire header section including logo and room name display to free up more space for the essential room features
1=hide header section
0=do not hide header section
integer hideuserlist Allows you to hide the userlist
1=hide the userlist
0=do not hide userlist
integer minimisesidepanel Allows you to start the room with a collapsed right hand side panel (holds audio, assets, chat, userlist). Users can still expand it if they wish.
1=load room with minimised right hand side panel
0=load room with normal, maximised right hand side panel
integer hideflickr Allows you to hide the Flickr upload button from the Assets panel
1=hide flickr button
0=do not hide flickr button
default: 0
integer hidestamp Allows you to hide the stamp tool
1=hide stamp tool
0=do not hide stamp tool
default: 0
integer autostartcam When set to 1 will start the user's camera as soon as they enter the room (if video is enabled for this room)
1=autostart the webcam
0=do not autostart the webcam
integer autostartaudio When set to 1 will start the user's microphone as soon as they enter the room (if audio is enabled for this room)
1=autostart the microphone
0=do not autostart the microphone
integer locked Signals if this room is locked. A locked room can be entered but no changes can be made to its contents.
1=room is locked
0=room is not locked
integer allowlock Shows or hides the lock room button in the room and enables a room to be locked by a user.
1=room lock allowed, show lock button
0=room lock disabled, hide lock button
integer syncscalemode When set to 1, this room property will result in changes to the scalemode combobox to be synced across users. This means that if, for example, User A changes the scalemode to 'scrolling' then this setting is applied to all connected users.
integer accesscount amount of times this room has been accessed in total
datetime created the date and time when this room was created
datetime lastaccess the date and time when this room was last accessed

Error Response
If the function call does not succeed it returns the following error response.

An example of an error response would be the following