This function adds an asset by providing a reference to an image that resides at a public URL. You cannot upload images using this function.
Please note that the allowdownload property always defaults to 0(download not allowed) for images added via the API.


string api_key (required)
Your api key
string path (required)
The URL for this asset, for example
We recommend JPG or GIF images. PNG may also work.
string roomid (required)
The roomid with which this asset is associated. It determines in which room the assets gets shown.
string userid (optional)
The userid of the user that added this asset. Only needed if you want to associate a user with the asset. In the future we may add support for features within Scribblar that add support for asset 'owners'. Right now the userid property has no actual uses.
Defaults to 0 if none is passed.
string clientfilename (optional)
This is the label that shows in the assets list within a room. Normally this should be the name of the actual image file name but you may pass any string here.
Defaults to 'Image' if none is passed.
integer width (deprecated)
Deprecated. The width of the image will now be determined automatically.
integer height (deprecated)
Deprecated. The height of the image will now be determined automatically.

Sample return XML
The response contains the details of the newly added asset.

Error Response
If the function call does not succeed it returns the following error response.

An example of an error response would be the following