Getting started

Before you can use the Scribblar API you must sign up to the Scribblar PRO service and be issued with a valid API key. If you have not yet received an API key then please request one now.

Step 1: Embed the Scribblar SWF
In order to integrate Scribblar into your existing website you must embed the necessary SWF (Flash file) into at least one of your site's pages. The necessary code is shown below and also contained in this zip file for download.

You may also run the samplewrapper.htm example directly and view source on it

Step 2: Create a room
Scribblar always needs to connect to a room. A room is described by a unique id, and any room may contain one or more users and may be visited multiple times. To connect to a room you must pass a valid roomid to the Scribblar SWF and you may optionally also pass a userid. To obtain a valid roomid you must first create a room via the API.

Once a valid roomid has been obtained your page can pass this to the Scribblar SWF.

(Note: the roomid above is just an example and must be substituted for one that you have created via the API using your API key)

The steps described above are generally automated by your backend suing your application server of choice (for example PHP, ASP, Ruby etc).Your backend logic would programmatically create a room, obtain the roomid, embed the SWF and pass the roomid to it.