Admin Console

The Scribblar admin console is provided as a convenience for customers wishing to create and administer rooms and users manually before starting a full API integration.
The admon console can be accessed at

Room URL Options
The admin console is capable of producing room links which can be used to email to students or given to tutors to grant access to a room.
Usually these links default to a address but can be overridden to a page hosted on the customer's website. An example link may look like this for a guest and like this for an existing user

In order to work reliably the URL needs to contain placeholders for the roomid and userid which the admin console will substitute with actual values. Basically yu need to 'tell' the admin console where it should place the value for the roomid and userid; this is because URL patterns can vary widely from site to site.

The placeholder to use in the admin console for the roomid is {0} and the placeholder for the userid is {1}

Your room page is hosted at and you are passing a roomid and userid in the following way:

You would therefore add the following value into the admin console's Room URL field:{0}&u={1}

Please contact us if you have any questions.